Flawed Forensic Science Leads to a 33-Year Long Wrongful Conviction.

Sailor Keith Harward (photo source)

Newport News

An estranged wife’s fury became a mother’s ultimate betrayal.

Kate, Tim and Kelly Farrar, 1989 (photo source)

The Fire

Photo source

From ’50s heartthrob to a homicide victim.

Sal (photo)

The End

She looked for love but instead became a statistic.

Jami (photo source: imdb)


A look into one of Georgia’s most notorious murders.

Sara Tokars with her sons, Ricky and Mike (photo source: Atlanta Magazine)

The Murder

Greed and Arrogance Ultimately Led To His Downfall.

Donnah and Mark Winger (photo source: CBS News)

The End of the Dream

A double homicide reveals a tragic conspiracy.

Kevin, Patricia, Bart and Kent Whitaker (photo source: Malke Crime Notes)

The Stuntman Whose Disappearance Was Unsolved for Nearly a Decade.

Donald Jerome “Shorty” Shea (photo source: charlesmanson.com)

The Life and Death of Shorty

Lori Johnston

Writer, reader, margarita drinker. Currently looking for a “dare to be great” situation.

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